The rise of the drones

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The use of drones in video and film production continues to rise. The addition of stabilizers and the lowering of hardware costs has made the drone a must-have tool for any production company. Professional grade drone / camera combos start as low as $1000 and can go as high as $45,000 for the most sophisticated packages. What’s important for the producer, creative director, or any purchaser of professional video production services is that a whole new world of aerial photography has become accessible and available to productions of any size or scope.

Drone cameras can be used for many types of aerial shots. Here’s some of our favorites,


Party on the roof

The Rotating View

The Flyover

One of the most popular new uses of drones is in the travel and adventure video market. Check out this great footage from Venture Addicts.

This type of beautiful aerial footage has become a must have for any destination or travel video.

Other growing uses of drone cameras include:

  • Real Estate – Creating overhead shots of mid to large size properties.
  • Sporting Events – Smaller scale event producers are now able to get overhead shots that rival national broadcasts.
  • Concerts and Music Festivals – The aerial crowd shot has become a staple for all festival highlight videos.
  • Nature & Wildlife – Conservation and Wildlife Preservation organizations are using drones to capture footage of endangered species in their natural habitat.

Cost Efficiency

In the past the costs of hiring a helicopter, pilot, camera, Cineflex gimbal, safety crew, camera crew, fuel, insurance, etc., have been prohibitive for most non-broadcast productions. A helicopter shoot can easily cost $8000 to $10,000 for just a few hours.  Compare this cost to a professional level drone and crew at a rate in the $750 per hour range and the cost effectiveness rises and the feasibility of using drone cameras becomes a reality for many more productions.


The federal government and many states and local municipalities have restrictions on the who, how, and when of commercial drone usage. It is highly recommended that licensed and experience drone operators are used in all commercial situations. An unlicensed or inexperienced operator can create both a dangerous situation for innocent bystanders and significant financial liability for all parties involved.

Plan Ahead

Producers, directors, and anyone who purchases video production services should consider using drones in their production plans. Although the price of aerial footage has dropped considerably since the advent of the drone, there is still an additional cost involved when using a drone. Talk to your production company early in the planning process and try to use companies that are experienced in working with aerial photography.

Creative House Media has experienced and registered drone camera operators on staff and has incorporated drone acquired footage into many projects. See examples of their work at