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Dating sucks. Apps are fun, but how many bad first dates have you had since you started using them? Not to rat ourselves out, but we’ve had at least a few so far. So when Pheramor, a genetic-based dating app first reached out to us to help them with their marketing, we were relieved.

Pheramor uses social media data and a genetic test to determine compatibility in an effort to reduce the amount of bad first dates and help find you possible matches that you actually match with. We’re just the video guys and they’re the scientists, so we recommend learning more from them at www.pheramor.com.

Pheramor is based out of Houston, and so far it’s the only city they’ve launched in, but they’re expanding rapidly to other markets and needed help reaching the right audience with their marketing. This is where we come in.

Our goal: test a video ad campaign to increase Pheramor’s brand awareness in emerging markets.

Pheramor is essentially the anti-dating app. Users only get three possible matches a day with compatibility scores based on actual science, which is a refreshing twist on swiping right on anyone whose profile picture isn’t horrible.

Since the goal here is to end bad first dates, we decided to illustrate just how bad dates can be to remind audiences that they don’t need to put up with it.

Enter the First Kiss Attempt.

What is this video? Cringe-worthy? A train wreck? Honestly, it’s both. Maybe you found it relatable, maybe you didn’t. Either way, we wanted to use an example of an awkward encounter that could have been avoided.

Remember that date where you just weren’t feeling the chemistry but the other person was? Or maybe you did feel something but your date just wasn’t into it. We would like to avoid an encounter like that, and to be perfectly honest we would also like to avoid the secondhand embarrassment of anyone else going through it, which is why we want audiences to use Pheramor instead.

And as cringey as this video is, the engagement we received from it is proof that it resonates with people.

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For us, the creative behind the ad is what we find truly important. It doesn’t matter how well you target when running your ad, if your creative isn’t compelling, you’re wasting money.

When creating content for social ads, our production strategy has always centered around what platform the ad will be running on, the tone of the ad, the call to action.

While we can’t divulge the exact proprietary data regarding the success of this add, we can say that Pheramor, and our data analytics agency ZLAB have never seen an engagement rate this high. With the test all said and done, with a $30.00 USD ad spend, running for 3 days, we got 1,538 impressions and 1,228 10-second views. This give us a 79.84% watch rate.

We’re definitely pleased to see such great results and to achieve our clients goal, but we’re also happy to confirm what we’ve always knows, which is that social media marketing is a new and ever evolving art form,  and often the most illogical approach can achieve the greatest results.

We couldn’t be more pleased with how this campaign turned out for Pheramor.